Skin Reveal Prep Kit Detoxifying and Rejuvenating Set

Prep Kit Detox and Rejuvenating Set

The Ultimate Preparatory Set For Total Detoxification And Rejuvenation

The Prep Kit by Skin Reveal is specifically designed by skin experts as preparatory set that thoroughly detoxifies bad chemicals from the skin for a total detoxification and rejuvenation

It is 6-product set that is meant to truly improve the health of your skin from within by addressing acne, irritation, premature aging and even skin irritation from previous skincare products.

The Prep Kit by Skin Reveal also solves other skin issues like uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation or dark spots and dryness for a clear, smooth, young-looking, radiant skin with a dewy, rosy glow.

The Prep Kit by Skin Reveal is made up of the following:
  • Brightening Bar
  • Essential Lotion
  • Calming Cream
  • Brightening Cream
  • PowerLift Cream
  • Night Rejuvenator

This kit comes with a set of instructions for the proper chronological use of the products for maximized results.


Brightening Bar

For your morning routine use the Brightening Bar Soap as your face wash. This soap bar has the powerful combination of coconut oil and milk protein that helps reveal a brighter and blemish-free skin. The milk protein acts as the exfoliator that removes dead skin cells and stimulates the skin for its new cell regeneration. It is developed to deeply drain out dirt and bacteria, nicely moisturize, manage the skin’s oil, lighten dark spots, brighten the skin and maintain a youthful glow with its anti-aging properties. This one will serve as your face wash that you will gently lather and massage onto your wet skin, and then rinse.


Essential Lotion

After washing your face with the Brightening Bar Soap, you can now enjoy the benefits of the Essential Lotion. It is infused with papaya and aloe vera extracts that refines skin texture for smoother and younger-looking skin. It also has Vitamin C that flawlessly brightens the skin. This toner lotion is paraben-free, alcohol-free and hypo-allergenic, developed to deeply moisturize the skin, lighten spots and lines, brighten the skin and reveal your skin’s natural glow. Simply dampen onto skin with a cotton ball after washing, then gently massage.

After the Essential Lotion, your skin can finally indulge in the Prep Kit’s amazing rich creams made of active skin care ingredients.


Calming Cream

Calming Cream is specifically developed to calm the skin. It also instantly soothes skin and relieves redness, especially if your skin is suffering from acne and irritation. Gently massage the skin with a small amount. Contains Calendula extract and Vitamin C.


Brightening Cream

Brightening Cream is designed to address uneven skin tone by kissing away spots, scars and aging lines, then further whitening the skin with that dewy, rosy glow. Combination of Kojic acid, Cocoa butter, Mulberry extract and Uva Ursi leaf extract


Power Lift Anti-Aging Cream

Power Lift Cream helps restore skin firmness with its age-correcting properties for that young-looking skin.


Night Rejuvenator

For your evening routine, use all the Prep Kit by Skin Reveal products again mentioned above, then add the Night Rejuvenator. It stimulates cell regeneration for that total skin reset. It also helps moisturize, nourish and strengthens the skin for a firm and smooth, radiant finish. With Alpha Arbutin, Aloe Vera extract and Ethyl Ascorbic Acid.

Prep Kit Before and After
Prep Kit Before and After